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Your phone is STILL tracking you - here's how to stop that!


Your phone is STILL tracking you - here's how to stop that!

 You know that you can use your phone to navigate or see where the nearest gas station is What you might not know is that your Your phone monitors your every move. every movement, even when you're not using it for navigation This is how they catch you cheating. Applications with few features are useful. and today I'm going to show you how you can reclaim control and stop your phone from tracking you. okay Let's do this

. And welcome to another episode of talking tech with the tech guy, my name Is Lerons Segev where I simplify technology? If you like phones and gadgets, apps, and tips and tricks on how to Let's get started by clicking the subscribe button. On to today's show We know that as Android users, we rely on google services and parts of those services something called location-based services What you might not know is that there are, in fact, three different types of location-based services Its location accuracy and location history of your Google account and location-sharing each one of those have different implications when they're switched on or when they're switched off, so let me start by explaining what each one is, and then I'm going to show you how You can toggle it on and off as needed. your specific needs So, first and foremost, location accuracy when This is on Your phone gets the most accurate location as it uses GPS wi-fi cellular network, among other things sensors When it is off, it doesn't stop your phone from being tracked, as it only disables the wi-fi cellular carrier and sensors However, the GPS is still turned on. worth mentioning even though uses your phone's GPS It can be less accurate than when you have it switched on. As a result, the name location accuracy.

Next up is location history, wherever you are. go with your phone. Your location is saved and stored in your Google account When this is on, you're able to see things like recommendation based on places that you have visited or help in finding your phone or notification about traffic on your upcoming commute and of course, more tailored ads. Everything is kept on a website with a nice map and a timeline where you can see Every place you have been to, down to the route that you drove or the route that you walked and even if it displays any images that You might have snapped that day. Now, before you panic, this is not a Google's plot to track you but a service that you actually chose to switch on Now that this is turned off by default At a certain point, you probably signed For those who switched it on usually during the setup process or when You used an app for the first time. but a lot of us tend to forget that, hang on I'm going to show you how you can check your status and even switch it off if you wish to And finally, it is location sharing. is where you let somebody else track your location in real time, you can Use this from various apps such as Google Maps allows you to share your location. journey with someone so they can keep an eye on you when you share your location, they can see your name. photograph as well as real-time location status like Are you driving or walking, and even what What is the battery status on your phone? So we now know what Google location is. services are Well, here is how you can switch them on. and off, and here is what it actually means So let's start with the most obvious and That is turning off your phone's location services.

To do that, simply swipe down from the top of the screen You will see the location icon simply by press it to turn it off when this is turned off, means that your phone's location isn't shared with apps, so anything that relies on location, which obviously is not going to work It also means that if you lose your You can't track it down with anything. like Find my device, and your location will also be displayed not be uploaded to your location history. Now it's also important to remember that If you happen to click on any website link Even though your location is off, you can kind of semi-accurately tracked because of the way the IP addresses work I've made an entire video about this. I'll include a link to it in the description. You can check that one out now instead. of turning the entire location off You can just disable location accuracy.

You accomplish this by long pressing on the location icon and then tapping on "advanced," you will then see Google location accuracy, which is set to own simply tap on it and select that to off Now you will also notice that. previous screen, the emergency location service, which is turned on if it's supported in your region. What this means is when you call the emergency services Your location will automatically be shared with them Obviously, I recommend leaving this on. obvious reasons Right now, the biggie is the location. history if you want to turn off your location history You can do that from the phone. or from your desktop to the phone, keep the location in mind