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Xbox Series S Unboxing and Setup 2022

Xbox Series S Unboxing and Setup 2022 

 today i'm so so so so excited  because i have the xbox series s here it  is just so amazing that i have this here  right now i put in a few options for you  guys i said would you like a nintendo  switch oled or would you prefer the xbox  series s and you guys buy almost a  landslide voted for the xbox series s so  that's why i've chosen this console  because of you guys your recommendations  and i'm so excited because there's so  many games that i want to play on this  console like eldon ring  wwe 2k22  fifa 22 this one is the console without  a disc  so everything is going to be all  downloadable which has its pros and cons  the cons would be that i can't sell the  games off for a bit of money and then  transfer the pros  would be that everything is inside the  console so for storage purposes it's  going to be really good for that purpose  apart from that it's 512 gigabytes so  that means that you have about enough  room for about five games or so so on  the side here it's got a label that you  can take off  so that's nice and easy to take off  and there's one over here so it's  definitely improved in  the way you can take off these labels so  there's another tag that we take off  here  

so this one plays at 120 frames per  second which is great  for the money that you get 120 frames  per second for game play so this is the  actual gaming console that we get  straight away it's pretty heavy like i  don't know if people would realize how  heavy this would actually be  it's got a bit of weight to it it  definitely doesn't feel as light as what  i thought it would be  i've been watching a couple of videos on  this thing and apparently it's really  quiet when you play games on it so i'm  super excited it's a really clean slick  design so we've got the xbox logo there  we've got the air vent we've got the  adapters here we've got a usb adapter  here i'm guessing that would be for  storage  or actually you know what this would be  for the controller probably got the  power supply here we've got a couple of  usb ins and outs we've got a hdmi out  and also we've got the storage expansion  here so that's where you could  fit in um extra storage  and we've got power supply right there  and we've got air vents on the sides too  overall  i think that's pretty decent you can fit  it sideways up you can put it on the  ground flat  very very nice it's got plenty of  ventilation 

so it doesn't overheat which  is really nice what we've got here is  the instructions on how to start it up  so here there's an app that i can  download which i will be downloading  let's have a look at that and there it  is right there it's the xbox app there's  also a game pass app that i might just  download as well we'll definitely check  out that app later all right apart from  the actual console we've got a bit of  cardboard here we've got an extra box  here  that we can just open up we've got a  hdmi cable  and we've got the power cable right here  we've also got  the actual gaming controller  so only comes with one controller so if  i want to play two player probably need  to buy an extra controller which we will  have a look at in a later time wow this  feels  really really nice quality  It feels like such an update from the  xbox 360. I played a bit of the  It feels great, first and foremost.  This feels more like carbon fiber.  This is one of the nicest feelings. 

 controllers  that I've felt in a while, this one's the  Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and it  definitely has a better feel.  because it's on the sides and things  can actually feel  similar to the feel of carbon fiber  and it feels really nice on your hands.  So they've really optimized the  experience of  These controllers get 10 out of 10 for that.  controller Oh yeah, and in here, this is  Where the gaming controller is, they have  some batteries, which is really nice to  Have you been able to get it to work properly?  away, which is really nice of them to put  These are already here, so you don't have to go out and  Purchase extra batteries.They're all in now.  

We just slide that back in like that.  and we'll see how easy it is to set up.  On the TV, we know that it's going to  all downloadable, so depending on your  internet, how good your internet is  that's going to take effect on how  fast, you can download all the games and  stuff is awesome, so now let's go to the TV.  Set this game console up.  and have a play with it.  and, yes, let's go.  All right, so now we have the Xbox.  and we have the TV that I'm going to be  Using this really nice TV, this is a  Samsung TV is an OLED, so  We have a lot of high-quality merchandise.  Bose speakers too, so it's all good.  We're going to have a good time.  so