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This Is Why You NEED An Xbox Series S!

This Is Why You NEED An Xbox Series S!

I've just picked up the Xbox series. and I'd like to find out today if it's still worth buying in 2022. the xbox The Series S is one of the few consoles you can pick up at retail price right now, so If you're in a similar position or You're thinking about getting one as a gift. your main console; hopefully this video will help you out. moving straight onto the unboxing as As soon as we open the box, we have the Series S itself is a high-speed HDMI 2.0 cable, a power cable, and then finally one controller with some double-A batteries Taking a look at the series, it's definitely heavier than I expected. However, I'm surprised by how small this What the console actually is for me personally It's great, 

and it would fit well even in the smallest of setups in regards to the overall design, it features a minimal white look and would definitely fit any desk or living room set up without making a statement and for someone like me where I really appreciate the design of a console, but don't necessarily want it. to be the focal point of the room, works well, with a black air vent on top provides a nice contrast to the Alternatively, or white design, and you can also have two orientation options for the series with feet for either option located underneath and on the side of the console, so we have plenty of ports. There is a USB port on the series. front, and then over on the back left to Right, we have an Ethernet port and There are two additional USB A ports and one HDMI port.

the storage expansion port, and then Finally, the power cable port is so moving. The Xbox series is delivered to storage. with 512 gigabytes of storage, however. only 364 gigabytes of this are actually usable. storage after installing the operating system and the latest updates if you're You're going to become a power user. capacity rather quickly, which is just something to be aware of that you may find yourself having to delete titles to space for new ones, or end up having to buy an external hard drive to house the games you aren't playing while you install new tiles There is an option for an SSD storage expansion with the series However, it costs just as much as the console itself, so again, just something. to keep in mind if you're looking at buying this console the show's for its size is extremely powerful and unquestionably contends with the other next-gen consoles, the console contains an eight-core 3.6 gigahertz processor 10 gigabytes of RAM and a frame rate of 120 frames per second rate 1440p with 4K upscaling, and it also includes graphic features such as ray During tracing, I'm fortunate enough to own a 4K The LG has a 120fps capable TV.

55cx when playing the series on this I can tell you firsthand that playing this console, as well as an HDMI 2.1 cable which you would need to buy separately. It is an incredible experience, and I would recommend it to anyone. go as far as to say one rivals the other. next-gen consoles again, you're not getting true 4K, but that is expected considering the price point of the series, the user interface provides a nice experience as quick links to all your favorite destinations It can feel a little cluttered at times, which makes finding certain things more difficult but I'm sure as time goes on, I'll get become accustomed to it as the menus will make more in that you also have the option to personalize the home screen Which game has a nice touch? For me, this is where this console really highlights the fact that you have access Over 100 games, including the first day releases is simply mind-boggling, and having I haven't owned an Xbox since the 360; it's a long time.

a significant improvement that, in my opinion, elevates the series s worth it on its own I've had the opportunity to play titles such as Forza Horizon 5 and On the first day of the year, halo infinite bringing the series to my house pass provides me with a middle ground of being able to play the latest titles on day of release for a reasonable monthly subscription: yet another fantastic feature is the ability to stream games directly from the cloud within the game, pass certain Titles will feature the cloud icon and as long as you have a fast internet connection, you can start the game without the need to install anything at all again, this is going to depend on the quality of your connection. but I tried Halo infinite multiplayer. and the experience was amazing when you Take this into account; it almost makes The 512 GB storage limit is not so strict. bad, and it's definitely a welcome feature I'm looking forward to seeing how clouds change. In the near future, gaming will advance. Overall, I'm absolutely blown away by the capabilities of the series if you enjoy this sort of content,