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Smart Home Tour: Fully Automated!


Smart Home Tour: Fully Automated!

Intro Hey, what's up? Welcome to our house; it's It's been a while since our last tour video. and I can't wait to show you all my preferred smart devices and automations As you are probably aware, I am using around here. know I set up everything myself, so Anyone could do any of this stuff. There's a lot to go over, so let's get started here in the family room. [Music] So here in the family room, we have the frame TV, and it's the 2021 version. That is 65 inches; it does not have a high ceiling. specs, but we really like this TV because When the TV is turned off, it displays art. We added these little white bezels. Snap-on things on the outside of the TV What's cool about those is that it the TV match the other pictures on the since they have some other ones. with white frames, and it just looks like another image on this gallery wall that I I wish I could take credit for my wife. designed all of it, and I think she did a really good job; my favorite automation When we're watching it on TV, it's here.

and someone walks up to our front door. the video doorbell that detects a person will display a notification on top of Whatever we're watching on the tv And what's really cool is that it will be a picture so we can see if it's package, or if it's someone just putting a flyer on our door, so we'll know if We need to get up and answer the door, not when it comes to lighting in here. Everything in the house is a dumb led bulb. ceiling, and it's controlled by a smart light switch that we put in and the reason we went with smart lights One cost is the use of switches rather than smart bulbs. because it's way less expensive to use. smart light switches, and it's way more family-friendly smart lighting switches because anyone can use them. Plus, you can automate them, and we have Our lights automatically turn on around dinner time, and then they automatically turn off when it's bedtime, so pretty much never touch a light switch. In addition, the lights in here are turned on automatically.

dim when it's time for the kids to go to bed can finally relax once the kids go to bed. which is usually a little bit later than they should be, but we're working on it and Here is another way we control our We kind of like how the lights have a motion sensor. have a love-hate relationship with the motion sensors with her family You know when all the lights are off and When someone walks in here, the motion sensor activates. works great and turns on the lights, but if We're watching TV, and someone gets up. and all the lights turn back on for everyone. gets a little frustrated, so there's an easy way to disable this motion sensor that my wife found out Just flip it around, my wife is that way. of a pro when it comes to disabling smart tech around her house I don't know if that's a good thing, so We have an on this side of the room. echo 4th generation with a battery base, and thought it would be a good idea to of hiding it since we already have an echo show on the other side of the room, but It turns out you can't really see if you You can activate it with your voice. so It's not the best spot I'm going to. probably have to move it, but we really Like the battery base, we simply unplug it, and we can bring it to the backyard. to listen to music, and we use that all the time We have two large sliding glass doors in the back. here and on them are ring contact sensors.

I really like the ring alarm system. because it doesn't need a monthly fee As a result, on all of our exterior doors The alarm uses ring contact sensors. system, but also for automations, for example For example, our kids want to go play in the They can simply walk around the backyard at night. open the door and let those contacts in Sensors will trigger an automation that will turn on all the backyard lights for them, and then when they're done playing and everything we have to do is just Press this smart light switch to turn everything off, so that's been really family-friendly to control the lights back there, and we did a whole backyard tour that you can go check out in a video we did recently, and I'll link all Those down in the description are all right. Now let's move on to the next room, which is probably my favorite room in the whole house, and it's our theater room. have a 120-inch screen with a short Throw a 4K projector at it, and it is so much fun! Here you can watch movies and play games. We have an Adobe Atmos system with speakers. in the ceiling and speakers in the front We're also using a dead-end receiver. I'm playing games on an Xbox Series X. media, we have a bunch of smart lighting in here, which my kids love but I might I love a little bit more and the way you Everything is under your control with this small device. This tablet is connected to the seat.