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Simple Fix to HeadPhones Working on One Side or Only Works when Twisting Headphone Jack

Simple Fix to HeadPhones Working on One Side or Only Works when Twisting Headphone Jack

I am going to show you a simple fix to basically fix an issue Where do you have your headphones in your headphone jack in your phone, and maybe You can only hear one of the earbuds or headphones. Perhaps you can't hear either of them or Maybe if you start playing with this like moving this around, maybe putting it in You'll begin to beat on both of them. them, and then they'll cut out later or If you begin to play around again, instead of just one year working, the other one will start working. Okay, now this one will stop working. was basically that this isn't going to help all of you, but basically, if you use your same headphones, and you pop it into the device and it works perfectly fine, then There's a good chance that you have lint. 

and debris stuck inside your head. Jack I'm going to show you how to get rid of That's okay, so basically what you need to do first, and this is an old phone here. actually went through all my phones. trying to find an example, and luckily I I found this one here, and it had some lint. Okay, so, basically, how you're What you want is to have that removed. What you need to do is get one of these brush picks. Okay, do you look just like this and let me Go ahead and zoom in; here we're focusing on here, but there is basically a brush You can see this brush now that you have to get the ones that are kind of strong. Okay, don't get the soft ones like this.

one here, let me show you this one here. This one here is too soft, okay. isn't going to remove anything, so I'll go ahead and put a link below where you can get these, but actually, I mean you. can get them at their neighborhood CVS as well as Walgreens or a Rite Aid, I'll put a link below anyway, but anyways. So basically, what you want to do is want to grab this, and you want to first go ahead and go into your headphone jack. and you kind of want to play with a Okay, now the situation is as follows: It's possible you may have dirt or debris or lint and stuff inside there. but it's also possible if you ever spilled anything on your phone, such as coffee or something similar to soda It could be stuck in here with the lint. in addition, in the first instance, you Okay, you go ahead and stick with it. or determined she didn't have the brush all the way in here to kind of just try. to loosen some things up in there and You don't want to go in too far, okay? that a little bit, and then you want to Go back in here with the brush and put it in. There are times when you want to swirl. it around like this and slowly move it up Okay, now this phone is always like that. Moving up here obviously has its drawbacks

. as if flying all over the place, and this is The major stuff that I got out of there So again, you know you want to do this a a couple of times go in there and scrape It's a little bit, not too difficult, and then use the brush part again. go in there and want to spin around in circles and twist it, twist it, and gradually bring it back It should be fine now, and hopefully your It is not working out with headphones. possible that it could be really jammed down there and stuck with you, knowing from Coffee, kool-aid, or any other beverage. of sugary drink or anything like that. What you can do The next step would be Basically, get a q-tip and take some of the cotton off like this, and then What you want to do from here is Just dab some rubbing alcohol on it. Okay, it's finally arrived. Sincerely, I mean to tell you the truth. There are times I fix these without using rubbing alcohol, what I basically was only II just put saliva on it. I went in there and I fixed it okay, 

but I Don't recommend that either, right? I don't have one of these toothpicks. I have used safety pins before to to scrape out the lamp, but I wouldn't recommend that as well, okay, so in any case, you Go ahead and enter so that it acts as a damper here and then what you want to do is put it down. a little bit in there and kind of just Move it around a little bit. I'll see a little bit of black stuff on there kind of do that and then see if it works. If it doesn't, then go ahead and grab you.

or brush pick once more and go in there and also, every now and then, when you're If you're doing this too, you might want to give it a try. nice blow Just keep going in there and Hopefully, this will wake up your phone. and running now if your headphones are basically experiencing it as if one of Your earbuds are either too quiet or too loud. like a dull sound, or both of them dull, then this method isn't going to work, it's possible that you may have like earwax or lint stuck on your grill. You'll be surprised at how much I like a little A bit of lint or earwax can definitely dull out your sound and stuff like that.