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How to Fix a Loose Headphone Jack - 3.5mm Loose Headphone Connection

How to Fix a Loose Headphone Jack - 3.5mm Loose Headphone Connection

 Well, hello and welcome to Germany. total knowledge Today, I wanted to show you a kind of little um I'm not aware of any alternative methods for you. can actually Make it so that loose headphones connections Um, I won't be loose for a while. headphones and this, uh, I display on my Asus zenfone because that's the particular unit have trouble with but this, of course, applies to any If it's a 3.5 connection, like this one, laptop stereo iPad, phone, mp3 whatever, so basically If we are using a device like this one as if it were a portable device have it in your pocket It's a phone. A lot of the time, you will have A lot of dust and stuff coming into this little hole here Now, 

this is not particularly the problem. with this unit But, uh, that was the issue before. had more serious trouble So if we're just going to bring this up Here, you can see We're just going to take a paper clip like this and folding it up onto itself, and we just stick it in there, and we just try to like take pieces of dust with us. from the depth of this thing You can now attempt to clean. There is usually a small block of dust in the bottom and it might actually get hard to get Out there, it might actually very compact, so you have to be a little Be cautious, and have some patience. but you'll kind of feel the dust in the bottom here when you're looking for something And then you just take that out and Well, I don't know if this It is even possible to demonstrate but I think you can see that in this particular case It's actually cracked on the inside. I've actually cracked it, and this leads to a loose connection So if I bring up my headphones here and I connect them, you should be able to see how extremely loose this thing is, it's really sad. It's just so loose. and to solve this issue well. It's not very easy, but there is a quick fix You can do it the same way I did before. used other headphones that were a little bit larger that will actually measure about Yes, it functions, but The Marshall headphone is kind of thinner, so It won't work, and it's not a good solution so you might not be able to have a thicker headphones, and it's hard to know a three-point-five millimeter headphone It's either thicker or thinner because they are supposed to be exactly the same size. but there is a little trick you can actually do and Um, I think you'll have to try and laugh Yeah, you probably see it in the corner. there There are the scissors, 

so What we can do is take a piece of paper and then we'll just cut, or, like the final ribbon similar to this Just find a little ribbon. like that, and you'll just Take your phone in this manner. You can see it here, and you kind of Put it down here on this little paper. ribbon I know it looks stupid. I know it looks stupid but then you can just carefully click it. in there, and you'll note this on your phone screen if it's connected or not. which I will demonstrate Go here, and you can see it's actually connected Now the position of this little paper ribbon depends on what unit you're using. It's at the back of this piece, but can be applied to any piece because The metal connectors inside this hole are usually not all the way around They usually have some sections where connect so you can't usually place it anywhere. You must choose a point. and well, don't get any paper stuck there. but It's super silly, but this actually works. As you can see, we're going here.

Yep, we're connected. We can check here to see if I'm connected. Take out this paper clip. Go here and you can see it's connected sometimes and now it's disconnected It's really confused now; it's not even connected You'll see what I mean. It makes the connection much firmer. and it looks super stupid, and it is kind of of stupid But, hey, it works. It's kind of a temporary fix, and what You can also try to do is put a little piece of tape here that sticks to this surface now that I haven't had particularly much luck with that. but you may have better luck. You'll need to have a very thin piece of tape, and it needs to stick properly. Uh, mine just slide it around, and just caused a mess, so I had to clean this up. Maybe you'll need some specific type of tape, but electric tape doesn't work. Normal plastic tape didn't work for me. So paper was actually the best. but you can play around and see what happens understand This is just a quick fix, so like permanently fixing this cracked thing That's hard, but if you're lucky, you only needed to clean yours. So I hope you're one of them. Anyway, thanks for watching. This is your Host Jim Edison signs out do you