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a day in the life of a cat

a day in the life of a cat

hello everyone it's lynn and kayla again and we'll be bringing you along for a day in The life of a cat: Kayla starts off her morning by eating food at 8am and 10 a.m and she only eats salmon because she is I'm not kidding about being a picky eater. She simply has expensive taste. mother because kayla is the real main character on this channel. She then goes and wakes me up because she needs Attention! My alarm clock now consists of a cat meowing loudly in my ear and stepping all over my face and boobs and because she likes to think that she descends from a great line of Parisian Cats don't tell her, but she's actually She is only a domestic short hair stylist.

making biscuits and other pastries on my Today's plushie is Gudetama, followed by after a hard day's work at the patisserie She leaves at 11 a.m. It doesn't matter if my cat is 500 feet away if she's sleeping if she hears can be opened, she will run and be disappointed when she realizes it's not cat food Kayla woke up when I was making lunch, and she started groggily perusing the apartment and I decided to have some mercy on her and give her some treats if You're trying to get Kayla to like you because Giving is a sure way to win her heart. Her favorite salmon temptations those things, and they're always gone in a second one of Kayla's favorites to do is to disrupt humans in their everyday life, aka while I'm on FaceTime with my mom or when I'm on a Zoom call or even when I'm filming, Kayla loves to sit in front of the camera, and then Kayla, please flash everyone. she then does her skincare grooming routine, which, by the way, because she is very simple and all natural she enjoys starting drama, she decides she wants to be won with both a human and a paper towel role, and yes, she did win both times. Kayla is the one to start and finish the fight after being reprimanded by humans for launching an attack on the world of paper towels did absolutely nothing wrong. considered and reflected on her actions and then proceeded to continue ripping. up the paper towels, 

cat owners would understand this, and it's the fact that Cats have no shame, but they feel a bit drained. After partaking in such drama, Kayla She sunbathed for a bit, then headed off to bed for a little nap. This is her second nap of the day, and when cats are They did not choose the chaotic energy they are in. in fact, very cute and cuddly Unlike other cats, Kayla is a bit of a She is a socialite who enjoys getting involved in various activities. the affairs of humans and other living At first, you might realize his Friendship is truly just nosiness, but Kayla's only desire is to be alone. However, that is not the intention. process that goes through my head when She sits on my laptop and obscures me. from doing my work, we then have to both partake in an act that neither of us I mean, just look at our pictures. Do I appear happy? Does she appear happy? Fortunately, Kayla and I have come up with a solution. I offer her a compromise in this regard.

lovely cushion, a pillow for lounging on while I'm doing my work, even though She will never admit it, but she gets to enjoy my presents while I also get to do my work and enjoy her presence at the At the same time, she will do something else. never admit that her love language is is physical touch, though you have to know the right spots to scratch her if You scratched her in the wrong spot. will bat and meow at you angrily, which "Why are humans here?" roughly translates. please stop Kayla then decided that she must also have beef with the armchair All jokes aside, she's actually just sharpening her nails because you will Never catch Kayla with a bad manicure. You will also never catch Kayla with matted hair because, thanks to her superior grooming skills and my brushing Her down always has a sheen to it. I do collect luscious coats on occasion.

enough hair to make her a little hat. which she despises because she has less She feels more resentment for me than for other humans. does it with this hat on humans tolerate it? stand no chance against her deceivingly innocent meowing and charm as she manipulates others into thinking that She has not been fed yet today, and they Give her more food, and with that, Kayla has one too many pre-dinner snacks, then she should